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Karma and Disease

ISBN : 978-81-921373-3-9

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Language : English
Subject Area : Science
Date of Publication : 15-Oct-2013
Total Pages : 180
Publisher : A and V Publications
About Book :
This book provides the mechanism of prevention and control of disease by analyzing the structure of two fundamental components of Karma, namely, control limits (maryaadaa) and power of concentration of mind, through mathematical and statistical tools, and intuitions, wherever necessary. The absolute desire of mind and null desire of gross body constitutes an equilibrium physical body free from disease.What is needed is the reperusal of respective paragraphs, sections and/or chapters to learn and perceive the vivency of life described in telegraphic language. The concepts are highly scientific and very abstract, and therefore, readers should translate them in their own language, and they may take some getting used to. This book is of immense importance for the readers who are interested in societal health through preventive measures viz. preventive social medicine and social reforms.

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